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Cartoon Vocabulary
Memory Recall

"Building Vocabulary with the
Power of Picture Cartoons"

Cartoon Vocbulary

cartoon vocabulary memory recall

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
a person who is constantly moving from place to
place or job to job will not succeed

The Incredible Power of Cartoon Vocabulary

Cartoon Vocabulary is about harnessing the juxtaposing power of cartoon images and words to build a vocabulary that is impactful and long-lasting.

It employs fun, colors, wacky pictures, highly illustrated words and puzzling elements to draw out the creative learning and thinking abilities of all types of learners - visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. Cartoon Vocabulary taps into the latent power of the creative mind and etches powerful visual images of the vocabulary phrases in the subconscious mind.

We are deeply indebted to your work.

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The result: Idioms, proverbs and catchphrases get "stuck" in the mind and the learner has a higher probability of recalling them.

This is why it's called "Cartoon Vocabulary Memory Recall" or CVMR for short!

5 Easy Steps to Vocabulary Building
Maximum Memory Recall

Step #1: Launch a cartoon picture idiom or vocabulary phrase
Step #2: Crack the secret code by thinking out of the box
Step #3: View the idiom or vocabulary phrase
Step #4: Commit the phrase its meaning to memory
Step #5: Visualize recall the idiom or catchphrase

Start Becoming A Vocabulary Powerhouse Today! >>>

What's more, each Cartoon Vocabulary teaser acts as a mental catalyst to promote the development of these diverse creative thinking skills:

  • seizing opportunities,
  • challenging assumptions,
  • taking risks,
  • looking at problems from a new perspective,
  • thinking ambiguously,
  • visual thinking,
  • seeing the big picture,
  • free-associating,
  • suspending judgment,
  • generating ideas.

That means that the more you play with Cartoon Vocabulary, the more creative you will be!
And people who have learned to think in pictures and images have been known to be brilliantly creative!

Cartoon Vocabulary

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